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a letter from the founders

Our Family tradition and background has always been in agriculture and cattle ranching, and back in the days a 4x4 truck, especially The Toyota Land Cruiser was a valuable tool to get many jobs done at the farm.      

The constant presence and being side by side of this great machine left a huge mark in our lives.  It was not until becoming young adults when we really understood the importance of what the 4x4 truck represented for the progress of our family business, and because of this, we will forever be grateful.  ​

For the past decades, the demand and popularity of owning classic, and vintage cars has grown substantially year over year.  We were surprised finding out that our longtime and loyal companion (The Toyota Land Cruiser) was not excluded from the list.


So we decided to roll up our sleeves and embark on a special mission to remember our childhood memories and to share them through every truck we build.  We gathered a team of specialized individuals with over 50 years of combined expertise and began restoring these iconic trucks. Bringing back to life classic, collectable, and fun 4x4 vehicles is what we do. Delivering mint condition, and second to none restorations built to last, is how we do it. ​

We thank you immensely for taking your time in checking us out, we invite you to surf, click, and browse around our site. 


If you have any interest in owning a Land Cruiser, have any questions or comments feel free to contact us.  

We are at your service.




Our passion and drive in bringing back classic trucks to factory condition goes beyond a business model.  Striving at our best, our goal is to deliver professionally restored, long lasting classic 4x4 vehicles.

​Whether you are looking for a true classic and cool truck to enjoy fun family trips to the beach, mountains or the countryside, a daily driver with more modern and comfort features and upgrades, a trail ready warrior capable of taming rocks and rough terrains, or an adventure proof truck for over landing and explore wild life and nature at its fullest… We got a Land Cruiser for you!


Our services include advising and guiding our clients in choosing the right parts and upgrades based on their driving needs, because we understand the importance of building a perfect dream truck is very important and personal to every driver.   We offer a comprehensive list of high quality and brand-named aftermarket parts.  Modifications, fabrications, performance upgrades for the suspension, transmission, engine and all interior and exterior are also available upon request.  


All of our restorations include a vehicle of choice, fully restored and custom built to your specs with a limited warranty and a full year of service.  We fully document the restoration process with high quality pictures and videos since day one.  ​ From dissembling the chassis and undercarriage, moving to the engine and drivetrain, followed by electrical installations, paint, interior accessories, to final assembly.  Once the truck has passed through our quality control checks and test driven, we deliver it the owner’s front door at no additional cost with a clean title ready to be transferred.


Cutting corners is not in our dictionary, at Terra Cruisers we do things right. Safety, Reliability and Satisfaction demand us to constantly improve.  As a team we deliver our best on what we do, treating each vehicle as a personal work of art, and that is why we fully stand behind our builds.  There would always be a Land Cruiser for every lifestyle and driving experience, but finding the right people to restore one is the recipe for success.  If you dream it, we can build it.




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