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built to last

Attention to Details

Restoring any car and returning it back to its original factory condition requires much more than stripping it, applying new paint, and installing new emblems & accessories.  At TerraCruisers we work from the ground up and all areas of the vehicle (even the ones naked to the eye) which are brought back to life, setting us apart from an average restoration process.      

Before each truck leaves our shop, we put them through our rigid 100 point mechanical inspection, including an

off-road test drive in order to ensure proper safety and handling. Only after every detail is checked and tested, each truck will have our seal of approval and be ready for delivery. 

 "Until is not perfect, it's not done."

from the ground up


We literally start from the ground moving our way up through all the vehicle’s parts.  Removing every single piece composed in the undercarriage, suspension and drivetrain, proceeding with the engine internals. Followed by the body and sheet metal, ending at the roof top.  


This process is meticulously inspected. We take our time to identify hundreds of parts that will be replaced, and others set aside to be restored. This includes all bolts, nuts, washers, cables, clamps and OEM parts and accessories to keep the originality of the car, which is a must on a true restoration.

chassis and undercarriage


As simple and basic as it sounds and looks like, dismounting all sheet metal and undercarriage of any classic car is no easy job to do. We go the extra mile leaving the bare chassis by itself to receive our rotisserie oven treatment.  All metal and suspension parts are stripped down, and sandblasted for preparation and paint.



We don’t take any chances even if the engine runs "OK", at TerraCruisers every single engine is pulled apart, inspected, and repaired to factory standards. It will become into a new one. When we say NEW, is because all internal and externals component of the engine are replaced, which includes gaskets, seals, pistons, piston rings, lifters, main rods, bearings, oil and gas pumps, and motor mounts. 



We set our standards over the extraordinary, delivering power, reliability, and safety. These components need to have the ability to perform their required functions flawlessly.  For this reason, every single, gasket, seal, and bearings are replaced with new ones.  Making sure all components are synchronized and adjusted to factory specifications.


bolts and nuts 

When restoring a classic, it’s important to maintain originality.  After removing all the washers, nuts and bolts, we put them into an extended process of sorting, cleaning, restoring and replacement, finishing them up with silver or yellow zinc color plated.

electrical installation

We believe that in every vehicle the electrical installation plays a major role.  As simple as turning the key to start the engine, pressing the brakes, honking the horn, turning the lights on, and complicated as understanding  how a distributor routes high voltage from the ignition coil to the spark plugs in the correct firing order.  Customers should not and will not have to worry about any of this, thats why we install brand new electrical components.  

parts and accesories

These pictures are worth a thousand words.  Leaving no details behind, we choose only Japanese and American made brands. We do not settle for less, our truck must run with the best componets in the market.


Following specifications of year and model guidelines, we install new leather, leatherette, cloth, or any other material upon customers’ request.   Bringing out the best of each interior, including comfort, and looks.


We work hard to exceed customers' expectations and ensure they are completely satisfied with our paint jobs.  Our paint & body team consists of highly trained individuals, who continually educate themselves to keep up with current car painting methods, using high quality paint and best techniques.



At our assembly line, we start putting together hundreds of components, moving from workstation to workstation where parts are added in correct sequence.  After each vehicle is assembled, we make sure all electrical and moving parts are synchronised properly. Followed by our 100 mile test drive, each truck is brought back to the shop for minor and final corrections if needed. Concluding with an all-inclusive professional interior and exterior detailing. 

if you can dream it we can builD it..

built to last
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